CUBES Series

CUBES Series

Cubes Series extraction labs are the perfect  choice for your outdoor lab. Our C1D1 labs come fully equipped and calibrated to your extraction type. Cubes can be stacked or placed side by side for multi-zone configurations.

•          C1D1 or C1D2 configurations

•          Dual zone labs 

•          Coated flooring design 

•          Optional HVAC Systems 

•          Calibrated Gas detection systems


8x10 Cubes Series 2.png





Other Components 


  1. VisualAlarm (EPSLED-80 Explosion Proof LED Strobe Light)

  2. Emergency Exit Light - EPL-EXT-3W Explosion Proof Exit Sign 

  3. Audible Alarm-EPSN-HRN-PA Explosion Proof Industrial Horn/Siren    

  4. Air Flow Switch

  5. RKI Instruments M2A Series Transmitter 

  6. EPL-48-2L-LED Explosion Proof LED Fixture