All our products are PSI listed and are made to state codes. Our versatile labs are compatible with CO2, Hydrocarbon, and Ethanol processes and many others. With each of these types of extraction, we offer specifically calibrated sensors to eliminate toxic fumes from the area. Our sensors detect dangerous levels of fumes and remove them from the workplace. We have been manufacturing systems since 1978. Full lab designs also available. Our prefabricated labs ensure quick installation and an easy approval process. We offer multiple levels of installation services ranging from consultation to turnkey jobs. Our expert technicians work with you so that your vision can become a reality!

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Co2 Extraction: This process removes cannabis components with carbon dioxide, slightly more expensive equipment but with a higher yield.


Ethanol Extraction: is a polar solvent and results in a lower concentration of fat-soluble



N Butane Extraction: Butane has a boiling point higher than propane, which ultimately

results in slower solvent recovery and a darker color.


Propane Extraction: Propane extraction creates higher overall pressure, resulting in a lighter final product as well as higher terpene preservation.


IsoButane Extraction: This process creates higher pressure than N Butane Extraction,

and has a lighter colored yield in a shorter amount of time