MICRO Series

Micro Series: Designed for small to medium level production businesses, the hood type booth model is ideal for C1D2 environments, for those using ethanol, post-extraction process, and various solvents. 



Experts are talking, and the consensus is that AEL labs and booths are the most efficient and most reliable systems in the industries.

Model# M3: Dimensions: 10’ wide x 9’ h x 3’ deep

M3 Micro series.png


Model#M6: Dimensions 10’ W X 9’H X 6’Deep


Micro Hood Style booth: This booth features tempered glass windows as well as a

tempered glass man door. With a focus on safety and reliability, this is a great option to

enter the market.


Product Dimensions:


Interior:10’ long, 10’ wide

Exterior: 10’- 8” high, 10’- 4” wide, 10’-4” long

Window Size: 24”x48”

Exhaust Fan: One (1) 34", 6-blade exhaust fan used to pull fumes from the extraction booth. This fan provides a total of 14,000 CFM @ ½” s.p. Fan is tube axial, belt-driven, with non-sparking polypropylene blades. A streamlined belt tunnel isolates the motor, drives, and bearings from the air stream. One (1) 3HP O.T.D.P. 230 VAC 3 phase motor is used to drive the exhaust fan. The motor is an energy-efficient industrial motor that meets or exceeds EPACT energy standards.


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