MICRO Series

Micro Series: Designed for small to medium level production businesses, the walk in style for C1D2 environments, for those using ethanol, post-extraction process, and various solvents.  



Model# M3: Dimensions: 10’ wide x 9’ h x 3’ deep

M3 Micro series.png


Model#M3: Dimensions 10’ W X 9’H X 3’Deep


Included with your Micro Series Lab: 

  • LEL Gas Detection System

  • Tempered Glass Observation windows 

  • AEL High Velocity exhaust system 

  • Standard Control Panel 

  • Audible and Visual Alarm system 

  • High Efficiency Filtration 

  • Exit Hardware and accessories 

  • Professional Peer Reviewed Design

Optional Accessories: 

  • Fire Suppression System 

  • Make Up Air Upgrade

  • Premium Control Panel 

  • LED Lighting Upgrade

  • Duct Package Extensions 

M6 Micro series.png